Backpack 03

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The ultimate minimalist leather backpack — a perfect blend of sleek design and unmatched durability.

Crafted from premium leather, 'Backpack 03' seamlessly combines style, resilience, and modularity, making it your companion for life.

The backpack on the back of a model from an angle..
The backpack on the back of a model.
The backpack held by its external strap.
The backpack held by its internal strap.
The inside of the backpack. A hand pulls out a Macbook.
The external pocket of the backpack with an iPhone and a wallet.
The backpack filled with various items such as a rolled up t-shirt, a Macbook and a water canteen.
A close up of the back of the backpack showing its precise edges.
The backpack from the front in front of white boxes.
The backpack from the back in front of white boxes.



Crafted with a meticulous blend of 0.25mm-precision laser cutting and 365 expertly hand-sewn stitches, the backpack embodies a distinctive, yet simple aesthetic.


Carefully selected materials maximize durability, and with age, they develop a unique patina, giving the backpack a personalized appearance that only improves over time.


With flexible accessory grids inside and out, the backpack is easily customizable. Look out for upcoming accessories to enhance and personalize your backpack.

The backpack unassembled.


The backpack from the front.


325 mm
450 mm
125 mm
15 l
2050 g
Laptop strap width
260 mm
External pocket width
260 mm
Internal pocket width
215 mm
Extra parts, wax and the screw tightening tool laid out in front of the backpack

What's in the box

Inside the box, you'll discover extra screws, a tool for tightening or loosening them as needed, and some wax for leather care.

A piece of leather, screws, strings and locks from the backpack arranged in a grid.


Naturally textured premium leather, precision-milled brass screws, military-grade rings, roughly woven polyethylene strings, and a cadmium-plated locks.

A person holding some leather wax.


Clean your backpack with pure water, avoiding chemicals. Apply leather wax annually and tighten screws as needed.


All backpacks are crafted to order and ship (tracked) within 10-12 working days.

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Order Now | €695 + shipping